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Starting a new enterprise can be both exciting and frustrating, and ensuring that you take the right steps can be critical to the future of the business. Forming a business, buying a business or selling your business must only be done after careful consideration and advice from an experienced lawyer.

I am attorney Michael Krotman, and I represent business clients in Rockville and throughout the surrounding Maryland areas. I handle a broad range of business and commercial matters, including assisting clients with the purchase and sale of businesses. In addition, I also handle business litigation and complex business disputes.

Buying A Business Or Selling An Established Business In Maryland

I work with both buyers and sellers in Maryland, and have experience seeing the process from both sides. If you are starting/buying a business, I can assist with choosing the right entity, dealing with commercial leasing, loan documents, employment contracts and more. If you are selling a business, I can assist with preparing paperwork, reviewing the sale agreement and dealing with transfers.

Commercial Leasing

I assist my clients with all issues concerning commercial leasing, including the review of existing leases, drafting of new leases and dealing with leasing disputes. This includes both commercial clients, representation for landlords and more.

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