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Rockville, Maryland Real Estate Attorney

Real estate settlements can be time consuming and difficult to handle without the guidance and representation of a professional experienced with the legal aspects of settlement. Large assets hold many possible pitfalls, and you need to make sure your bases are covered with a responsible professional you can trust.

I am Maryland attorney Michael S. Krotman, and my 25 years of legal experience combined with a straightforward approach to your real estate settlements can spark opportunities and avoid the potential of wasted time, money and effort.

At the Rockville Law Office of Michael S. Krotman, Chartered, I assist my clients in preparing documents, negotiating with multiple parties and securing deals involving:

  • Buying and selling of residential or commercial real estate
  • Refinancing
  • Second mortgage loans
  • Second trusts
  • Home equity loans
  • SBA loans
  • Quiet title issues and land disputes
  • Title insurance
  • Sale and purchase agreements
  • Contingencies in buying and selling real estate

Contact me to discuss your opportunities in real estate settlements. Schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation by calling 301-424-7804. My reasonable rates and fees are designed with respect to your expectations.

Montgomery County Commercial and Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Different from large settlement or title companies, I take part in all the important processes that will lead to a successful settlement. I give personal attention to each of my clients, making sure to fully understand every aspect of their legal needs.

I deal with all parties, lenders and real estate agents involved in your settlement. I will prepare all necessary documents, ensure they are properly handled and ensure that all past loans are properly paid off and contingencies met. This firm is licensed to issue title insurance as well.

Thorough in Handling Breaches of Contract and Litigation Matters

As in my other practice areas, I am also experienced and diligent in handling breaches of contract and other litigation issues involving your property, including misrepresentation, boundary and title disputes and breach of sale.

I am licensed to practice residential and commercial real estate law in Maryland. Attorneys are required to hold a specific real estate license in Maryland to handle residential and commercial real estate settlements.

Contact Me to Schedule a Free Initial Consultation

Call 301-424-7804 to schedule an appointment to discuss your real estate settlements issues or concerns with a Rockville real estate lawyer. I provide reasonable rates and fees and a welcoming meeting environment.

Local: 301-424-7804


The Law Office of Michael S. Krotman, Chartered
751 Rockville Pike, Unit 30-B
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: 301-424-7804
Fax: 301-424-7806
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